Knee Replacement Recovery Time

The Importance of Observing the Recommended Knee Replacement Recovery Time

Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement

After having undergone a knee surgery the doctor will definitely recommend a certain recovery period. Knee replacement recovery time is basically given to allow healing from the surgery. However, this may not necessarily mean total rest.

According to experts, the recovery time may involve sitting on your bed (side) or on a chair and this depends on the time of the surgery.

During this period, especially after undergoing a successful knee replacement surgery, one will be required to perform simple exercises such as leg lifts, heel slides, and ankle pumps. It is therefore necessary for the knee replacement surgery patients to observe a total knee replacement recovery time and also ensure that they ingest sufficient medicines for pain reduction in order to take full responsibility of their rehabilitation process.

In well established Medicare facilities, your doctor may put you on a motion machine – CPM. However, the importance of this machine (CPM) is not well defined making it optional for some doctors to recommend and use it.

During your partial knee replacement recovery time, you will have time to meet your occupational and physical specialists. While the physical therapist will be concentrating on such cases as strength, and mobility, the occupational therapist will be preparing you for tasks such as dressing, washing and other basic daily activities. The progress of therapy may vary from one individual to the other.

There are a number of factors that may influence the rate of progression and these may include the amount of strength you exhibited before the surgery was performed.

Knee replacement complications, body weight, your capability to effectively control your feeling during acute pains, and time taken to perform the surgery also influence your progression.

Rehabilitation after discharge

For those who undergo knee replacement surgery, they are likely to come out of their hospital beds after a period of 3-5 days. It is therefore necessary for patients coming out to be able to reach their homes safely and be able to do their daily chores including food preparation or going to the bathroom without any big problems. In situations where the patient may not be fit to return home, the hospital authorities may recommend in-patient rehabilitation.

This is important in the sense that it allows the therapist to keep a close eye on him or her and provide the necessary support on a 24-hour basis. Plans are always made in advance for the discharged patients so that they have time set aside for them to visit their doctors or therapists.

In most cases, during the knee replacement recovery time, patients may start walking using a walker. Others, who exhibit good balance and strength in the upper body may decide to use crutches. Changing to cane depends entirely on two things – advice from the surgeon and the capability of the patient to fully regain stability. This may take 2-4 weeks using a cane and 4-6 weeks moving without any support.

In cases where the patient has to get to the house via stairs, the therapist will definitely work on how they can do that with help of a walker or crutches. This is a practice that may take at least 1 week using the aids and 4-6 weeks ascending or descending the stairs without any assistance.

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